Your Momma was right !!!

So, last night I was reviewing what I call the “hormonal ballet” that is the functional relationship between the hypothalamus-pituitary-thyroid-adrenal glands. This dance is the choreography of your response to stress. I won’t bore you with technical details here, but I will tell you that this dance production is precisely where everything your mother ever told you comes to fruition as you get older.

Impacts: The way your body responds to stressors is a result of this hormonal cascade and it affects the way your entire body works – from your mood, to your resistance to disease, to the maintenance of your bones, the way you absorb food and manage sugar intake, your heart and blood pressure and on and on…

Bottom line: your mother was right… she was not just being overprotective. And you should stop ignoring what she told you immediately. She wasn’t asking that much, so starting today…

– Keep a regular sleep schedule and target 7 hours each night,
– drink water and try not to consume too many dehydrating caffeinated drinks,
– Schedule time for relaxation, entertainment and exercise.
– Keep the exercise simple and frequent – at a minimum, take a daily walk for 30 minutes to an hour
– Follow Pollan’s simple diet recommendations (1-eat food your grandparents would recognize, 2-mostly vegetable, and 3-not too much).

Teach your kids the above rules of daily life by living them. You will go a LONG way to unwinding your own health issues and being better positioned to heal and deal. This is simple stuff folks. DO IT. If you don’t, you will eventually pay a price. And when you start falling apart, it will be a complicated mess to figure out what, exactly went wrong.

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