There is a place for Chiropractic in the medical model and that is where most chiropractic clinics reside. Indeed, the revenues are higher for this approach, but they need to be in order to pay for the higher overhead of that type of practice.  Most Chiropractors will tell you that a chiropractic wellness is appropriate for everyone, but being able to deliver that kind of care in this medical model is nearly impossible to do for many reasons.

Dr. Harriott’s practice is dedicated to wellness Chiropractic care and foregoes the medical model entirely. This is what sets Dr. Harriott apart.  It is the ability to deliver Chiropractic care in a wellness model while providing care that is clinically effective and confidentially provided in accordance with accepted industry standards,  There are plenty of well-established Chiropractic clinics in our community that Dr. Harriott refers to for excellent care that requires more intense or complicated care protocols.  Dr. Harriott focuses on the delivery of elective wellness care with modest fees, convenient hours, and mobile care so that families in Rocklin can enjoy sustainable Chiropractic care for life!

The rest of this page is written in defense of my fellow chiropractors as many would like to provide wellness care but frankly cannot truly manage it. I encourage you to read it, if only to understand our profession better. In the end, I hope you will see that there is no place for judgment since both approaches have their unique place in Chiropractic.

  • “In Network” doctors that bill health insurance companies are pressured to treat and release. If care is prolonged, it is justified care as “medically necessary” through the diagnosis coding the insurance companies use. Many patients want to use their insurance indefinitely, but long term wellness chiropractic care is not a covered benefit under most plans. Your chiropractor will eventually have to change the diagnosis to another spinal problem, or convert you to paying for your own care.
  • Chiropractors live under threat of retrospective insurance carrier audit. Simple billing errors can be prosecuted as fraudulent claims putting the doctor in the position of having to defend himself, even if the treatment was properly provided. In many cases, chiropractors have had to “settle” with the insurance company and return all claims paid to avoid going to court.
  • If a patient uses insurance to pay for Chiropractic over a long period of time, this establishes a documented history of serious spinal problems. If it is true, that is fine. If it is not true, however, there are scenarios where this might come back to haunt the patient. Imagine seeking compensation for a personal injury while you have a two year history of spinal problems bad enough to see the chiropractor every week or every other week.
  • Finally there is the very challenging issue of systematically charging insured patients for things that are “included” for case patients. Or worse, treating patients differently based on whether they have insurance coverage or not.

That saddest part of this story is that Chiropractic is least powerful competing with traditional medicine in the realm of trauma and disease.  And Medicine is least powerful competing with Chiropractic in the realm of health and wellness.  So, while Chiropractic came to realize its place in society in spite of and in the face of organized medicine, the greatest blow to Chiropractic was in Medicine’s acceptance of Chiropractic into the medical model of care.  There is a place for Chiropractic in a medical model, but I worry that this is where True Chiropractic will wither and die.

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