Chiropractic and Magic

Some people think that Chiropractic is powerful. In fact, they think that it is so powerful that it is almost like magic. This might be because of their amazing response to a skillful adjustment. Or, it could be that a Chiropractor gave them that impression as part of their presentation of his or her chosen profession.

I come to this profession from a prior career in engineering and I can assure you that Chiropractic is not magic. It is certainly powerful, but it is very real, and actually, quite simple. And by simple, I mean to say that once you know whether to adjust, when to adjust, where to adjust and how to adjust, the rest is very straightforward.

But Chiropractic is more than just the spinal adjustment. I will post more later about what, beyond the adjustment, constitutes Chiropractic. But let’s just leave it at this for now: Chiropractic is a lifestyle, and an approach to living that enables you to live at maximum volume. But to do this, you have to have some faith in your body, in nature and in the universal wisdom that allows you to be here to turn the volume up.