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Welcome to the Wei Lab Care page – This page is dedicated to Wei Lab Products and Protocols and their use for help with health problems using the traditional herbs and treatment theories on which Traditional Chinese Medicine has been practiced for thousands of years.

If you are looking for a source for Wei Labs products, please contact us to place your order by calling (916) 741-2041. If you have come here looking to consult with a doctor for protocols appropriate for a particular health problem, please click the “schedule” button to schedule an initial consultation. I am eager to help in any way that I can.


This website is not intended for the purpose of self-diagnosis or self-treatment. In fact, if you have not been evaluated by a doctor, it is very important that you contact us before ordering products so that you will receive the appropriate products for your particular health objectives. Dr. Harriott will provide you with a new patient questionnaire to complete and then consult with you to establish whether you might benefit from the use of Wei Labs herbal protocols and to understand what alternatives may be available to you.

Dr. Harriott’s perspective on herbal remedies

I am humbled by those I have helped in my 18 years of Chiropractic practice. I consider it the ultimate blessing that I became aware of Chiropractic and that I took the opportunity to pursue a career in health care. Over the time I’ve been in practice, I have also come to appreciate doctors from all the different specializations. And I have come to appreciate that even though everyone should be getting adjusted to ensure the maximum communication between the brain and bodily systems, there are many conditions that are frankly outside of my expertise and for which I encourage my patients to consult other health professionals. In fact, that is the patient-centered ethical approach that is called for among licensed doctors and care-givers.

So you can imagine my frustration then when someone who comes to me last – desperate and fearing that they will not live to experience good health again because they’ve “tried everything and nothing worked”. What can I offer to someone who has come to me last? Well, I certainly adjust them and in many cases, that is the missing piece of the puzzle, But in so many cases, it is not the solution to the problem that I would have hoped. When the patient comes from that traditional prescriptive pharmaceutical approach offered by the hyper-medicalized healthcare system here in the United States, where do I send them if they don’t respond to my care?

Over my years of practice, I have come to learn of various approaches to maintaining and restoring health and wellness that lie outside of the spinal adjustment. One of my discoveries was related to work done by the founders of Wei Labs. I discovered this because of patients I had come to know that had used Wei products for problems like COPD and GERD. This discovery was exciting to me since I now had the opportunity to learn about chinese herbs and the theories behind Traditional Chinese Medicine in the context of modern medical scientific research. Dr. Sarah Li and Dr. Jeffrey Wei are both PhD. Biochemists and together they created Wei Laboratories in order to merge the ancient health science of TCM with modern day medical discoveries, strict manufacturing controls, locally sourced products and rigorous results testing.

As a Chiropractor, I can now offer a more complete set of recommendations for my patients that are dealing with medical conditions that might respond to nurturing herbs along with spinal adjustments to improve the neurological communication and response.

Wei labs started out about 15 years ago with patches that accelerate healing and recovery from acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries. Since then, they have continued to develop new products that are based on their expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat lung, kidney, gastrointestinal and other body systems. I will start to update the blog page with new and seasonal information I come across for those looking for natural solutions. Please call me if you need help or would like to schedule a consultation.