Terms of Care in our Office
& Financial Policies

Our primary goal is to render the highest quality care – conveniently, and at affordable rates so that more people can enjoy the benefits of a lifestyle enhanced by Chiropractic. To allow us to succeed in this goal, the following policies have been developed and your pursuit of care in our office requires that you agree to abide them:

Right to Refuse Service – Dr. Harriott and Harriott Chiropractic reserves the right to decline to provide any treatment to any person for any reason at any time.

Scheduling Online or by Phone – We offer the convenience of online scheduling 24 hours per day at https://rocklinchiropractic.net and our scheduling desk is available at (916) 741-2041 for appointment scheduling weekdays, 9am-6pm. Appointment times which are available online will not allow for as much flexibility as scheduling by phone (for early, late, weekend or same day appointments, in particular) so keep that in mind for special scheduling needs.

Late-to-Appointment Policy – When you schedule an appointment, your are committing to the purchase of the doctor’s expertise. Inasmuch as that expertise is delivered at a time dedicated to each appointment, it is important that you understand the the time allotted for each appointment is much more than just the time spent in one-to-one contact and it is time that is thereby made unavailable to other patients. Occasonally, there is a problem with a patient who is not used to keeping on schedule or who has suffered an unforseseen delay. In order to avoid impacting the care of other patients, a patient who is late might not be able to be accommodated later the same day. If you expect to be more than 10 minutes late, please notify our office at 916-741-2041 by phone call in case we need to reschedule your appointment.

24 Hour Cancellation Policy – Cancellations are expected no later than the end of business the day before the scheduled appointment. If you call to cancel outside of our normal scheduling desk hours, please leave a message. If you failed to cancel until the day of your appointment, you agree to pay the doctor an amount equal to the minimum visit fee for the time he committed to your appointment.

Self-Pay Practice – Our low fees are collected at the time of service and we are not contracted providers with any 3rd party insurance companies (with the sole exception required for compliance with Medicare rules). Upon your request and with your approval, we will provide complimentary electronic claim submission for your “out of network” care to your primary health insurance plan.

  • We do not verify insurance coverage for care in our office.
  • We do not bill secondary insurance policies,
  • We do not pursue rejected claims (except for correction and resubmittal for errors on our part), and
  • By patient request at the time of service, we will provide a superbill for independent pursuit of 3rd party reimbursements by patients.

Personal Injury Liens – We do not provide care on lien for personal injury cases. However, exceptions are often made made for already-established patients of the office.

You Are Our Priority – We support your access to the best care regardless of who you choose to consult. Please let us know how we can help because your care is our first concern. We support your pursuit of information from multiple health care providers as part of your health care team. Evaluations, opinions and testing by competent professionals is always encouraged. We will even support your decision to pursue care elsewhere if and when you make that decision and will happily assist you in faciliating that transition. Don’t ever feel like you have to worry about our support for your right to choose where and from whom you recieve care.