Surviving a Pandemic

I just read an article which reflects my beliefs around all the “debate” about COVID-19 response. Dr. David Seaman, a licensed chiropractor and a diplomate in nutrition put the issue in the proper context…

He went back to the very inception of the science behind the evil “germ” in discussing Dr. Louis Pasteur’s conclusion after his lifetime of advancing the science behind the germ theory of disease. Some 20 years or so after Dr. Pasteur’s most important work, Claude Bernard and Antoine Bechamp made the assertion that the health of the body was more important in succumbing to disease than was exposure to a pathogenic entity. And, before his death, Dr. Pasteur agreed, saying, “Bechamp was right, the microbe is nothing. The terrain is everything”.

I have preached this principle in my 20 years of practice, as well. It is not the germ, it is the host. The germ will shift and change and come back relentlessly. If you want to stay healthy, forget the germ. Fortify the host. Get healthy…

Dr. Seaman points out the reality quite clearly:

  • Comparing California to Japan reveals A LOT!!! Japan has 3 times more people than California with an obesity rate of 3.6%. California has an obesity rate of 25% and a death toll from COVID-19 that is TEN TIMES that of Japan!

Here is what we know about the effect of obesity in the context of the SARS-COV-2 pandemic…

  • Obesity increases the risk of severe illness from COVID-19
    • Obesity TRIPLES the likelihood of hospitalization of those infected
  • Obesity is demonstrated to compromise and impair immune function
  • In fact, the risk of mortality increases with Body Mass Index. The more obese you are, the more likely you will die if infected.
  • And, response to vaccines – as demonstrated with those for seasonal flu, hepatitis B, and tetanus – is lower for obese people.

Let me stop here and say that I am not being alarmist. This is just reality. I hear people questioning statistics with childish arguments like, “…sure, they died with COVID, but did they die because of COVID…”. 350,000 Americans dead and dying and they are playing epidemiologist without a clue. Then they talk about their freedom to resist the same damned medical advice we have received from childhood to today: Cover your cough, wash your hands and stay away from the sick. So many friends refuse to self-isolate or wear a mask… not because they thought it through but because it feels like a comfy red ball cap that the rest of their tribe is wearing… All the while bemoaning the effect of the virus to which they still refuse to participate in a coordinated a response, while simultaneously allowing the promotion of crazy conspiracy stories like “the vaccine implants a microchip”. Ugh!

Meanwhile, the U.S. medical community is pushing the vaccine as the end-all-be-all, with not a single formal suggestion that people do something to urgently lose weight as a preventive measure. In many ways, pushing the vaccine without discussing “The Elephant in the Room” is as bad as pressing people to affirmatively oppose public health measures that they claim threaten their constitutional freedoms.

1950's era advertisement picture of medical doctor admiring pack of cigarattes

Here is a quick tip: Try a plant-based diet for a change. Just try it for 3 months and then let’s talk… Just as the powerful tobacco industry was pushing cigarettes in the 1950’s (while the medical industry was amassing data proving cigarettes were killing us), so to is the powerful fast-food/sugar/meat industry pushing meat and dairy while the medical research has directly correlated fatty and sugary food with the #1 killer in the United States – heart disease. This is why almost everyone you know takes cholesterol and high blood pressure medications and worries about developing diabetes.

The choice is easy. And it is yours. Exercise your freedom and live. If you need help, call me.

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