We have recently invested in a new technology that allows us to provide improved healing and control by your brain and central nervous system of all of your organs and tissues. We help our patients reduce or eliminate chronic pain without drugs!

Chiropractic Just Got Better!

Just as spinal subluxations interfere with your brain and central nervous system’s control over every organ and tissue in the body… a lifetime of injuries and recoveries leaves behind a trail of hidden inflammatory pockets and scars in your skin and internally within your muscles, bones and connective tissue (fascia). Chiropractors remove nerve interference caused by spinal subluxation and now Harriott Chiropractic utilizes the very latest in Biofeedback MicroCurrent technology to locate and eliminate those blockages in the peripheral fascia, organs and tissues thoughout the body.

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As always, our consultations are without charge or obligation. Consultation is provided first as part of every new patient appointment. If you decide not to pursue evaluation and treatment, you will still benefit from the knowledge of what we offer and/or our referral to another provider. 

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