Heavier People Eat Faster

I just read something that reminded me of research done on hunger satiety and the effects on weight gain or loss. You have probably heard some version of this before, but as we are all preparing for a long hot summer, I thought I’d share it to bring it to the front of mind once again.

I have been told (recently) that I eat fast. So I will, again, try to remember to slow down, like my mom used to tell me… But for reference, here are the results of studies on the effects of slower eating (without the citations – your welcome, LOL)

Gross time spent consuming food – it takes time for food consumption to trigger satiety signals from the brain… so try to extend your eating time to a minimum of 20 minutes.

  1. Choose solid over liquid foods
    ( – dump the juices)
  2. Choose raw over cooked
    ( – veggies trays are a big “Yes”)
  3. Choose harder over softer textures
    ( – go for the firmer, tougher bun. Yes, it matters)
  4. Take smaller over larger bites, smaller over larger spoons
    ( – chopsticks anyone?)
  5. Chew more on each bite before swallowing
    ( – count to 30, remember that? It is true)
  6. Start meals with a raw salad or a soup before moving to the entree ( – starts the clock earlier, before you get to the main calorie reservoir)
  7. If you like smoothies, don’t guzzle but rather sip it over a longer time
    ( – try a straw? Chopsticks anyone? LOL)

The difference in total calorie consumption is cumulative and studies have shown that those that gulp down food “efficiently” end up eating more calories and end up with a greater body weight.

If you have a warning light start blinking at you, removing the bulb so it can’t flash any more is worse than trying to ignore the light. So it is with pain. If you are able to mask the pain, that is a far cry from normal, and absolutely not a path to optimal function and health.