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Ben Harriott, DC

Rocklin Chiropractor Dr. Ben Harriott has been in practice for over 20 years. His first practice was in Mission Viejo, CA. A native of Northern California, Dr. Harriott eventually relocated his family and has been practicing in Rocklin since 2012.

“I have been in Chiropractic for a long time and I remain in practice because I am a great adjustor and I enjoy helping those around me with this powerful healing art. In the past, I worked with natural gas turbines. But while turbines don’t heal, people do. My mission is to make regular chiropractic spinal care an easy addition to anybody’s healthy lifestyle. Like so many lifestyle choices, chiropractic helps just about anybody. But just as you should exercise even when you are strong, and you should eat well even when you are well nourished, chiropractic care helps your body to continue to be healthy and vital. My vision is opening the door to regular wellness care to the over 90% of the population that is not realizing the incredible health benefits of lifetime chiropractic.”

Dr. Harriott’s background is varied, “I was a Mechanical Engineer with PG&E for ten years and then I switched gears, attending Life Chiropractic College West. Graduating Summa Cum Laude, I was honored to be named Class Salutatorian in December 2001. My background and experience as a Professional Engineer informs my work in Chiropractic. On one hand, I have a wide scope of knowledge, but even more importantly is my need to stay above the selling of Chiropractic and instead I prefer to drill right down to my patients’ real need. I have a keen commitment to the higher principle that my care is always about the patient, and not about me, or about my practice.

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