Harriott Chiropractic Announcement 3/17/2020

Office Announcement: Harriott Chiropractic

As I’ve told you, there is a unique connection between the central nervous system and the function of the body, including the immune system. Research shows that when the spine is immobile and misaligned, the body operates in a heightened state of stress which weakens immunity and the ability of the body to grow and repair. Chiropractic adjustments increase movement in the spine and improve the alignment while reducing stress, thus allowing the nervous system to function at maximum capacity and improve immunity. Evidence shows that people who receive regular chiropractic adjustments report stronger immunity after beginning chiropractic care. The bottom line is chiropractic adjustments will improve the function of your immune system. Therefore, I firmly believe that Chiropractic is not to be considered non-essential and whenever possible, please stay consistent with your adjustments.

If you’ve been in the office recently, you are aware of precautions I am taking for COVID-19 mitigation. I am sanitizing the door knobs and equipment daily and vigilantly washing hands and sanitizing between patients as well. Ultimately, my job is to make you better and I don’t take this situation lightly. I am now screening patients when they arrive by taking temperatures and confirming that they have not had any flu symptoms or been in contact with anyone who has. While it is important to be adjusted, it is critically more important for all of us that we assist with containment during this critical period of time. For that reason, I ask the following of you:

  1. If you suspect or otherwise learn that you are positive for COVID-19, please inform my office by phone call to (916)741-2041, option 1, so that I may consider this information for possible change to my operating plans. If this does occur, I will also request that you not schedule for treatment in the office nor present to my office so that I may continue to serve those not yet infected.
  2. Please continue to review updates sent to you from my office in case there is information that I feel important for your wellbeing.
  3. I want you to understand that this situation is hard for me. I do not take my decision lightly as it pertains to whether to remain open. But we know that in the absence of available treatment for the virus, the chiropractic adjustment is critically important to maximize resistance and ability to recover should you become infected. As a primary provider, I will not be impacted by any shelter-in-place actions. For that reason, I will remain open and available to my patients unless and until I learn that I am infected or I am otherwise forced to close by developing and currently unforeseen circumstances.
  4. The reason this is hard for me is that it is also critically important that we each cooperate with recommended mitigation efforts in order to move past this crisis. I don’t want my decision to be perceived as purposeful disregarding of Public Health officer requests and recommendations. This is not a time for bravado. I rely on each of you, as you rely on everyone around you to join together to beat this assault. Outside of my practice, I have been and will remain compliant with Public Health direction as it pertains to social distancing. I have not seen a more effective communication (explanation, demonstration) of the impact of social distancing on community virus spread than what you will find in the link below. I strongly feel everyone must see this in order to appreciate your vital role in our collective response. You can see it here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2020/world/corona-simulator/?fbclid=IwAR0jEnx2XdHCrsSppyDep2hLIOvrR7ue9g6IkBBphOLJ2n1klD1dtk2f0W0
  5. Finally, I will share here the latest statement on recommendations from the Placer County Public Health Officer, Amy Sisson. Please read and heed: https://vimeo.com/396786456

Please let me know if you have any questions.



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