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Foods to Avoid – a living list

This will, over time, be a list of foods that you definitely want to avoid. I won’t try to add everything all at once, but instead add them as they come across my path. I hope that doing it this way will cause each entry to be more meaningful for you. In general, this list will include foods, ingredients or additives that are of limited value but which have substantial negative health effects. If you have any that you want me to add sooner rather than later, send me a message via email or Facebook, or via comment on my website.

  1. Carrageenan (not the worst… just the first 😉 )

Description: This is a seaweed that is used to improve texture and prevent separation in prepared foods, cosmetics, etc. I even remember this as an ingredient I used in a homebrew in my younger years.

Hazards: Carrageenan has been shown to create ulcers and digestive tract cancers (e.g., colon cancer) in animals in over 40 studies. It affects detoxification in pathways needed for dealing with hormones, toxins, and it may well be a cause of deep vein thrombosis ( DVT is lower leg blood clots). It also suppresses a crucial cytokine for tumor and infectious control as well as autoimmune disease, arthritis, and more. And, it has been found to be one of the culprits causing the epidemic of diabetes, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and other related conditions. The average daily intake of carrageenan in the US is 100 mg/day.

Where it is found: Carrageenan is commonly found in diet beverages, low-fat meats, and dairy products (cottage cheese, ice cream, infant formula, and pudding as a thickener).

Take Away: Read your labels and stay away from anything with carrageenan.