I am Dr. Ben Harriott and my mission is to make Chiropractic affordable and accessible to anyone who needs help. I have many different plans to provide unlimited Chiropractic for less than $100 per month. We can provide superbills or courtesy electronic billing for anyone who has a plan which covers chiropractic care. I see families, seniors, kids… always with the objective to make quality chiropractic as affordable as possible. So something can always be worked out. Whether you want pain relief, corrective care to help the pain go away for a long time or just maintenance care once a week or once a month, you have found what you are looking for. I would love to be your chiropractor! As with everything, there are terms & conditions that apply, but don’t worry about that now. Let’s figure out the best way to provide you as many chiropractic adjustments as you need to maximize your ability to heal and thrive. 

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