New and Existing Patients are Welcome at this time!


We take your health seriously. This page clarifies what we ask of you to help us meet the protection guidelines required by the CA Department of Public Health of ALL healthcare facilities, regardless of vaccination status. According to the most recent guidance (9/20/2022) from the CDC, in healthcare environments geographically located where community transmission is low (testing positivity rate below 5% and active infection cases less than 10 per 100K population), masking will be optional, except under specific conditions not applicable to this office. Please know that we will wear a mask whenever you would like us too, regardless of the COVID situation.

As of 10/20/2020, COVID test positivity rate in Placer County is 7.9% and active infections is at 8.5 cases per 100K population putting Placer County in the “Moderate Transmission Level” according to masking guidelines from the CPUC cited above. Masks re required at this time and generally, you should bring a mask just in case even when the statistics improve, just in case we have a spike in those statistics such as we are seeing right now, at which time we will go back to masking. When the transmission level is low, Harriott Chiropractic will not require masking in the office, consistent with the CDC recommendations cited above. While the CA Department of Public Health has not adjusted their requirements for health care facilities, I expect that their guidance will be updated soon even though I expect those medical facilities seeing immunocompromised, elderly and/or patients seeking care for respiratory issues will continue to maintain a masking requirement.LOCA

Our COVID-19 Precautions:

  • We minimize in-office time with no-contact payment processing and online forms,
  • We pre-schedule patient appointments to avoid waiting room exposure,
  • We maintain positive ventilation pressure in the treatment room
  • We wear a facemask in during patient contact, when required by CA Dept of Public Health and/or CDC guidance.
  • We provide sanitizing gel for patient use in the treatment room

Your COVID-19 Precautions within our office:

  • Face covering is not required for patients who have a stated medical need to avoid masking.
  • Call our scheduling desk at 916-741-2041, option 1 to inform our staff or to cancel your appointment if you determine you may have been exposed or if you are experiencing cold or flu symptoms until you have quarantined adequately or confirmed with testing that you are not infected with COVID-10.
  • In order to maintain social distance, please wait in the hallway or outside the building (per your preference) if you arrive and find the doctor unavailable for any reason.

How do I know when should I schedule an appointment with or without symptoms?

You want to prevent the possibility of infecting someone else, so you have to either confirm with testing that you are not infected, or, alternatively, CDC guidelines indicate that there are three easy considerations that will accomplish this as well…

  1. If you have any respiratory symptoms, such as sore throat, cough, congestion, difficulty in breathing, make sure that those symptoms are IMPROVING day after day. If those symptoms just started, you should consider waiting until you see consistent improvement. In cases of known allergy, you will necessarily need to apply some rational judgement… If your symptoms are worsening, you should take an at-home antigen test or a PCR test. A positive result from either indicates a reliable confirmation of infection with COVID-19.
  2. Note that for all recommendations below, if you are moderately or severely immunocompromised, and you become infected with COVID-19, you may remain infectious beyond 20 days. For these people, CDC recommends an isolation period of at least 20 days from the onset of symptoms, and ending isolation in conjunction with serial testing and consultation with an infectious disease specialist to determine the appropriate duration of isolation and precautions.
  3. For asymptomatic infection, Per CDC Guidelines, if you test positive for COVID-19 (considered “Day “0”) but are asymptomatic, you should quarantine for 5 days. If you develop symptoms within 10 days of Day 0, you should restart your quarantine period for 5 days from the onset of symptoms. While in quarantine and for up to 5 days after quarantine, you should wear a mask around others at home and in public (for a total of 10 days from start of quarantine).
  4. For symptomatic infection (moderate symptoms), follow the quarantine guidance above for 10 days after onset of symptoms instead of 5.
  5. For severely ill symptomatic infection, follow the quarantine guidance above for 20 days from onset of symptoms instead of 5.
  6. If you have been exposed to someone who has confirmed COVID-19 infection more recently than 5 days, please confirm a negative at-home antigen test prior to your appointment. Alternatively, you may follow the guidelines above for asymptomatic infection.