New and Existing Patients are Welcome at this time!

We take your health seriously. This page is to help you understand the steps we take to ensure that your exposure to infectious agents is minimized in our office. In addition, it clarifies what we ask of you to help us meet the pubic health guidelines and also helps you understand when you can safely be in public after you have been sick.

The advice on this page is in accordance with the best available guidelines published by the CDC and is therefore applicable to anything you need to do in public, from getting a chiropractic adjustment to getting your nails done…

Our COVID-19 Precautions:

  • We sanitize common office contact surfaces daily,
  • We minimize in-office time with no-contact payment processing and online forms,
  • We pre-schedule patient appointments to avoid waiting room exposure,
  • We maintain positive ventilation pressure in the treatment room
  • We sanitize treatment room contact surfaces between patients,
  • We wear face coverings and wash hands between patient visits,
  • We provide sanitizing gel for patient use in the treatment room

Your COVID-19 Precautions within our office:

  • If you schedule an appointment and then later develop symptoms, please call 916-741-2041, option 1 to inform our staff or to cancel your appointment until you meet the CDC guidance at the bottom of this page,
  • Face covering is required,
  • Upon arrival, please wash your hands in the hallway restroom prior to entering office,
  • We perform temperature screening at each appointment. Save yourself a possible wasted trip by self-verifying a body temperature of less than 100 F at home before your appointment, and
  • In order to maintain social distance, please wait in the hallway or outside the building (per your preference) if you arrive and find the doctor unavailable for any reason.

Should you schedule a chiropractic appointment?

You should absolutely schedule an appointment unless you think that there is a possibility you might infect someone else at the office. Occasionally, someone calls and is concerned that they aren’t feeling 100% and worry out of an abundance of caution. Maybe they have allergies. Or perhaps they are just not feeling well and worry that this is the beginning of something worse… So they call and ask, “Should I cancel or reschedule?”

How do I know when should I schedule an appointment?

You want to prevent the possibility of infecting someone else, so you have to either confirm with testing that you are not infected, or, alternatively, CDC guidelines indicate that there are three easy considerations that will accomplish this as well…

  1. If you have any respiratory symptoms, such as sore throat, cough, congestion, difficulty in breathing, make sure that those symptoms are IMPROVING day after day. If those symptoms just started, you should consider waiting until you see consistent improvement. In cases of known allergy, you will necessarily need to apply some rational judgement…
  2. If you have had a fever, continue to monitor your body temperature and stay home until you have had no fever for at least 3 days without taking fever reducing medications.
  3. If you have had any symptoms that cannot be ruled out as related to a COVID-19 infection, you should stay home until at least 10 days after the first symptoms appeared. Again, in cases of known allergy, you will necessarily need to apply some rational judgment…