Communication is Life

The body communicates with the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) 100% of the time and this is perfectly normal. This communication is in the form of signals that travel in both directions – from the brain to the body, coordinating body responses, as well as from the body to the brain, communicating what is happening. This is how the body maintains its normal functional balance, called homeostasis.

When there is localized interference with the transmission of signals to and/or from the central nervous system, objective changes manifest in the spine which chiropractors are trained to identify and locate and which are called subluxation. Subluxation interference can be a result of chemical, emotional and or mechanical pressure on the nerve, but the effect is to dampen the vital communication that the central nervous system relies on. The effect of nerve interference is to impair normal function, leading to a loss of ease of function, impairment of function, degenerative disease processes that result in tissue damage and ultimately manifests as symptoms (e.g. pain).

Pain is a Signal

Pain is your brain’s way of signaling you that there are underlying dysfunctions, damage, degeneration, or dis-ease in the body.

If addressing the cause of the dysfunction and enhancing your function through regular chiropractic care is your primary goal, you are at the right place! If after we have reduced the subluxation and you still have pain or symptoms, we can refer you to other health care professionals that may better suit your goals. We encourage second opinions and if pain relief is your primary goal, your medical doctor is better equipped to provide medications to mask the symptoms.

But it is important that every person is aware that true Healing is a process that requires time, energy, and repetition. Chiropractic care is part of a healthy lifestyle which includes eating well, exercising regularly, reducing emotional stressors, avoiding environmental toxins and ultimately staying well adjusted.

Our ULTIMATE goal is to help you FUNCTION at your best.