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Welcome to Harriott Chiropractic

Are you looking for a healthier approach to living? Whether you are struggling with back, neck or shoulder pain, or want to get more out of your body, Dr. Ben Harriott is ready to help you get back to doing what you love.

At Harriott Chiropractic in Rocklin, our purpose is to help you to be your best… so you can feel better, move better and live better!

Give your body the best opportunity to achieve optimal health through chiropractic care.

Why Harriott Chiropractic?

Rocklin Chiropractor treats you like family

Rest assured of getting the finest personalized quality care with Dr. Harriott’s weatlh of knowledge and unforgettable humor.

Experience professional Care from a Rocklin Chiropractic expert

We use gentle non-invasive adjustments so you can quickly go back to doing what you love.

Bringing you healthy lifestyle

Disover how to live a healthier life with natural tips and resources that make a positive difference in your life beyond chiropractic.

See how Dr. Harriott can guide you on a journey towards better health and lifestyle

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“Ben is knowledgeable, funny and likeable. He is a compassionate person that makes you feel llike you are family. I recommend Ben if you need an expert that makes you feel welcomed.” – Joseph LeGrand


  • Are you in a repeating pattern of pain?
  • Do you want your body to work better and improve your movement?
  • Is your daily life being affected?

Chiropractic is a 100% natural way to help you move and feel better, happier, healthier.

FMCSA Commercial Driver Physical

  • Are you trying to get your DOT commercial motor vehicle license?
  • Do you need a driver medical exam?
  • Are you looking to get it quickly and easily?

Dr. Harriott is certified as a DOT Commercial Motor Vehicle driver medical examiner. He is an NRCME examiner and authorized to perform DOT commercial driver exams by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Shoe Insert Orthotics

  • Do your feet, ankle and/or knees hurt?
  • Are you struggling to find affordable foot orthotics that are custom fit to your needs?

Dr. Harriott offers affordable custom foot orthotics that may resolve pain and function problems while improving foundational support for your back and spine

TCM Nutritional Protocols

  • Want to learn about how to access traditional Chinese medicine as part of a modern western chiropractic approach?

Dr. Harriott offers unique protocols that may be helpful to those with hard-to-treat health challenges.

BioFeedback Microcurrent Therapies

  • Would you like to re-energize your healing abilities at a cellular level?
  • Merge Western Technologies with Eastern Philosophies to help you heal, recover and function better

Your body communicates with electrical current. We use microcurrent technology that communicates using the same language your body uses and can understand. 


“I had neck, shoulder & back pain which was relieved by Dr. Harriott’s adjustment, allowing me to run long distance again.” – Rebeccca Nyberg

“…I was desperate for relief. Dr. Ben adjusted me and gave me the relief I was seeking. I would highly recommend him!! He is a gem! – Andy Dai

“Dr. Ben Harriott truly cares about your health…. Affordable adjustments for first time clients and onward – UNBEATABLE.” – Tony Reed

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Find our office at the NorthEast corner of Pacific Street at Sunset Blvd in Rocklin. Look for the Green Building across the street from Moksa Brewing Company and next door to Rocklin Florist and the Subway sandwich shop.